Venice carnival. The oldest one, the most intriguinga
and fascinating.
Carnival is one of the biggest celebrations in Italy and from Venetian masks to masquerade balls, no other place does it like Venice! Like the idea of seeing the city at its most festive and colourful. In few words carnival period is a celebration encouraging license and pleasure, for totally enjoy amusement, and what's more thrilling than hiding your own identity under a mask, and a costume? Venice is all of it and even more.
Gold is waiting for you ...
The Carnival will arouse emotions beyond your imagination and will captivate and enchant you. Once you have arrived at the Venetian carnival, you will have the sensation of having been transported back centuries in time ... You will experience Venice as Marco Polo and Casanova themselves did; close your eyes and you can imagine the sounds of their footsteps echoing on the cobblestones! Lose yourself in the moment... Beautiful costumes and masks cloak people from all walks of life who on this night, unite as one, at the Venice carnival.
We create exclusive surprises to make your night unforgettable!
The pinnacle of the Venice Carnival
February 10th, 2018. Venice. A XVIIth century palace with a view of the Grand Canal. Feel the antique walls of history with your own hands, enshroud yourself with masks and opulent costumes. We invite you to this exclusive event: the Gold Carnival Gala Dinner - a celebration where everything is dedicated to gold: from food and drinks to costumes and decorations.