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Promotion of a Korean car importing company: how to get leads worth up to $15?

About the client 

We were approached by a company that specializes in bringing cars in order and to the showroom from Korea. Previously, our client got most of their customers through brand power and word of mouth. We did not use paid advertising. We signed an NDA with the client, so we will not disclose the names of the channel. 

Because of the market development and appearance of small competitors (those who deal with car pickup by order and take a smaller fee), the company wanted to strengthen its position with the help of internet marketing tools. Even at the stage of evaluation we proposed to approach the task comprehensively - to evaluate the sources separately and conduct a marketing analysis.

The task is
Client: a car rental company.
Service: buying or selling a car in the showroom
GEO: Chicago
Goal: more than 600 new leads per month 
Traffic: to the site - conversion to a consultation/show 
Price of conversion: up to $15  
Running time: 3 months
Target audience: men, 28-38 years old 

For companies that are just starting to promote on the Internet, we offer a service of comprehensive niche analysis and preparation for advertising activity. It includes:

- analysis of the needs and behavior of the target audience;
- the formation of a unique selling proposition for each of the services of the business;
- market positioning;
- evaluation and promotion strategy for each channel;
- solutions to analyze the results.

The client was offered several sources of traffic for consideration:  

From Facebook traffic can be directed to specific landing pages of the site, where the conversion from visitor to lead takes place. In doing so, we suggested targeting audiences such as: 

1) Job Industries.
Size - 56700 users
2) Real estate, narrowed down to "yachting + yacht club"
Size - 304,000 users
3) Developers, narrowed down to "frequent travelers"
Size - 488300 users
4) Marketing, narrowed down to "frequent travelers"
Size - 472700 users

We also recommended testing a lead-magnet launch (such as a limited-time discount or an invitation to a test drive). TikTok usually engages well and performs well on conversions. The latter are of higher quality than, for example, with a lead form. 

Results of promotion on Facebook

We started the launch with a basic source of traffic, where we used several types of advertising calls. The main goal was to get a number and a user to visit the salon. For technical reasons, we had to work in different ad offices, which led to a longer learning curve for the algorithms. 

What were the results: we spent $4 274,75 and attracted 543 leads at an average price of $ 7,87.


It takes time to train the algorithms to get the most targeted leads. As a result, we were able to get a steady lead price. Next we plan to scale the result and reduce the price by identifying and disabling ineffective audiences and creatives. 

Also, to achieve better results, we plan to:
- Combine "On Demand" and "On Demand" campaigns and then reduce the daily budget to $500/day;
- Create and use video creations in the ads;
- Create and test a new appeal at the beginning of the correspondence;
- Test the generation of leads through the lead form. 

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