Case SMM

Advertising gift and trivia shop on TikTok

About the customer

We have a long-standing partnership with an online shop that specialises in selling inexpensive trivia and gifts priced between $30 and $50. We used to run Facebook ads for the company. But in December 2021, the price per conversion began to rise, and we suggested the customer to  try a new advertising format in TikTok. 

We know from experience that the audience of this social network likes such products. It is also easy to integrate the goods with the site's trends and get maximum effect. An NDA was signed with the company, so we will omit the name.


Client: gift shop and household sundries
Product: paper lanterns, small gifts, kitchen sets, etc.
Geo: USA
Target: 1500 and more conversions per December, price per conversion - up to $6
Traffic: on the Landing page (sale of goods)
Traffic source: TikTok

Work on the project

We started with working out the target audience and choosing the products we would like to advertise. The client provided us with reports on recent sales. Also, we have additionally studied the trend positions on Aliexpress. 

The most popular were: torches, puzzle and anti-stress toys, and kitchen kits to reduce visual noise. 

Before launching the ads we:
1. Conducted an analysis of the target audience.
2. studied competitors' offers.
3. wrote scripts for commercials and videos for remarketing.

Once the campaign was launched, we also regularly reviewed the results and adjusted the settings. 

The result

A total of 6 different ad creatives were launched. 
In one month of display ads, our client received 1,655 new orders. The average price per conversion was $5.65. 

Spent: $11 171.25. 
Views: 2 368 035
Clicks: 23 273
Price per click: 0.48
Received leads: 1655
Average price per lead: $6.75 

Average bill at the shop: $30-50   
Average lead conversion to purchase: 50% 

It is worth noting that the client from TikTok cost less than the one from Facebook. Therefore our main goal - to find a more acceptable source of traffic - is fulfilled. In addition, we managed to achieve the goals which were set at the beginning of the work.

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