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TikTok Products B2C

Promoting a gadget accessory shop on TikTok

About the client

A gadget accessory shop turned to our agency. Since an NDA was signed with the company, we will omit its name. The shop has a large range of different cases and creative smartphone accessories, which is suitable for different age groups of customers. Previously the client had used social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, but with the growing popularity of TikTok it was decided to try and start promoting there.

The client first started actively maintaining an account and developing through organics. The purpose of the request was to run targeted ads in TikTok to promote positions. Before starting the collaboration, we conducted a briefing and brainstorming session with the client's team, as the company had previously run TikTok and was willing to shoot new creatives for advertising. We also defined the positions that should be shown in the commercial and proceeded with the promotion.


Client: Smartphone accessories shop
Period: 1 month
Target: traffic to the website 
Traffic source: TikTok

Work on the project

Initially, we worked out a line of products to be used for promotion. After agreement, our team began to write scripts for these products.

The script for TikTok differs from other advertising formats in that it must be native and filmed in the general style of popular videos on the site. Such a video won't immediately catch the user's eye and scare them off, on the contrary, they'll get involved and continue watching it with a higher probability of targeted action. 

We chose several types of creative that would work best for the audience: showing the "transformation" of a certain object into a case (photos, Pop it toys and others), demonstrating the top items in the range, as well as tips from an expert.   

After the client got the script, we moved on to this shooting (from the client's side) and adjusting the video. At the end of the job, the final creatives were obtained.

Result of the work

During the month of cooperation we got the following results:
During the promotion period was spent  $1734.6
Conversions (purchases on the site): 147
Average price per conversion: $11.81
Views: 2 594 210

Average price per click (CPC): $0.47


The client was satisfied with this launch as the ad had a good return on investment. This format was obtained through active video delivery, as well as the proper setting of advertising, taking into account the specifics of the niche and audience in TikTok.

Further work is going on to scale this project and create new ideas for advertising creatives.

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