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TikTok advertising for an online knitting school

About the client

Irina Nevzorova, owner of an online knitting school, has been working with our agency for a long time on various traffic channels - Youtube, Google KMS and others.

As part of our work with this client, we were able to build a process of not just running ads, but a clear understanding of the return on traffic. That is why we decided to build on our success and invited Irina to test another channel and launch targeting ads in TikTok.

At that time we already had experience in running successful campaigns on this platform, and we were quite optimistic - we decided that if the test run was successful, we would try to make this advertising channel a permanent source of traffic for the School of Knitting. Whether we succeeded and what was the result of the test RK - read in this case study.


Client: Online School of Knitting
Purpose: Registrations for auto webinar (free online knitting workshop)
KPI: 200 registrations up to $6
Timeline: 5 days
Format of advertising: In-feed Native Video
GEO: France
Target audience: Women 35+

TikTok is a very specific social network:
- Ad creative is a short and dynamic vertical video;
- 90% of advertising success depends on your video;
- ad creative should be as native as possible to the recommendation feed, and not look like a user-generated video;
- there are specific zoning rules for preparing a promotional video.

And, of course, without a strong script, even following these rules won't help you get the results you're aiming to.

For Irina Nevzorova's online school, we:
- Developed the client's target audience.
- Created a promotion strategy on the TikTok platform.
- Developed scenarios for advertising creatives.
- Gave feedback and corrections for videos created by the client.
- Selected the objectives of the advertising campaigns.
- Created audiences and selected interest.
- Created utm tags for our ads.
- Launched a test campaign.
- Based on its results - deactivated ineffective audiences and ads.
- Managed the RC and adjusted rates.
- We gave our client reports on the RC and made conclusions and recommendations.

Stages of work on the project

The process of setting up and running the campaign. Audience
The TikTok advertising cabinet is very dynamic. Every week, new settings appear in it. We decided to test a new audience mixed by Behavior (subscription). These are people who are subscribed to profiles of a certain topic according to your target audience profile

Advertising creatives

The client created four video variants to our specifications without background music. We added them to the dynamic creative during the campaign setup phase. TikTok created more than 40 ads based on the 4 videos provided.

The videos where the knitting process was shown in first person got the best response from the audience. The videos with a first-person view of the knitting process resonated best with the audience.

The advertising targets were immediately optimised for the conversion event. Before launching, we put a TikTok pixel on the site. For the conversion rule, we set the user's visit to the "Thank you" page.

To launch the ad, we added + 30% of the ad budget to the recommended rate so that the campaign would launch, and we did not change this rate thereafter.


Advertising budget: $1003,78
Number of registrations: 198
The price of the application on the site: $5.07

Our expectations were met in many ways. Irina was satisfied with the results of the test campaign because the traffic showed its return on investment which we can't disclose. We can only say that the auto webinar resulted in successful sales of our client's authoring course.

As planned, we continued to run ads in TikTok for the School of Knitting. The next stage of advertising scaling, which we have planned to reach is the volume of 300 registrations per month.

Our experts will be happy to assist you in running turnkey targeting ads. Leave an application form and our specialist will advise you in detail.

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