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Promoting of the mini photography course in TikTok: Studio lighting set up

About the client

One of the main fashion photographers from CIS, who has been engaged in commercial and creative photography for more than 10 years, has come to our agency for the second time. He is well known in the professional community for his work with international publications such as Vogue Japan, Vogue Mexico, Vogue Thailand, Vogue Russia, Harpers Bazaar Russia, British Vogue, GQ Russia and SNC.

We have previously collaborated with a client in order to promote his author's webinar for photographers on TikTok. The results of the previous collaboration were excellent, and the client wants to continue to use this site to promote a mini-course on light planning and choosing the right light shooting. We have signed an NDA with the client, so we are not going to disclose any names.

The course itself is dedicated to a rather serious and problematic topic among people who are at least somewhat connected with the activity of a photographer. This course is aimed to solve this problem by explaining and demonstrating only the things that are applicable to any kind of photography. The lessons are clear and include a backstage, where he sets up the light himself and explains each step. On the top of that, he shares lighting schemes, commenting on how to apply them and what to consider when using them.

The challenge

Client: professional fashion photographer
Period: one week
Target: traffic to minicourse
Traffic source: TikTok

Work on the project

The first thing our team did was to research the course by itself: define the target audience, identify important segments and benefits of the course that would be of interest to TikTok users.

Video marketing in TikTok is the most suitable promotion option, as the site is mainly oriented towards creative users. Therefore, coverage of topics such as professional commercial and creative filming will be warmly received by the social network audience, and course advertisements will not be overlooked.

Based on the course structure and audience analysis in TikTok, we set out to write scripts for advertising creatives. The basic rules for writing a script for Tik-Tok are to demonstrate the message as clearly and concisely as possible. In addition, we wanted to show the audience the professionalism of the author, which further facilitated the final conversion.

One of these solutions was to show the author's professional shots in the creatives, which he took with the most sophisticated light. This proved that the course is run by a true professional, who will teach you to understand better the light during your shots and, if you wish, make similar shots without spending too much time.
After the client received the finished script and recommendations for filming and editing, he filmed all the necessary material. In the end, we made a few amendments and started launching the advertising campaign.

The advertising targets were immediately optimised for the conversion event. In order to effectively track results, we tied the analytics to the Thank You page.

Summary of results

We obtained the following figures for the entire duration of the advertising campaign:

Number of conversions: 148
Price per conversion (buying a mini course): $20.32
Total spend: $3007.36
Number of clicks: 4930
Price of the mini course: $55

It was also predominantly women who made the decision to buy:


There is increasing activity in TikTok when discussing online learning and online schools, which makes this platform more suitable for attracting new customers, stimulating sales in the online learning niche. 

Mini course price: $55
Price of the main course: $500

As the mini-course lasted only for a few days, the funnel was quite fast. After the launch, the client shared data on sales of the main course - 27% of people purchased the course.

Whether you want to develop a new customer base for your training project or want to expand your existing customer base, this platform provides innovative marketing opportunities to realise these goals. 

The results of working together have fully paid off, and the client is happy.

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