Case SMM

Promoting a modeling school with targeted advertising

About our client

A model school for children and teenagers from Cracow approached our company. We signed an NDA with the agency, so we omit the name. 

The school offers training in modeling and acting to participants from 3 to 17 years old. Also at the end of training young models have the opportunity to participate in the activities of the agency - shows and shoots.

The client began casting children for further enrollment in full-fledged courses, so needed to be promoted. Casting included a demonstration of the candidate's skills - defile, acting, defile, as well as a free test shoot. The client then closed on the sale of the courses: 
Basic courses (2.5 months) - $600 
Courses for a year - $4,000. 

We needed to get requests from parents to cast their children. For this purpose, we decided to use targeting advertising on Facebook and Instagram.


Client: children's modeling school
Product: Modeling courses
Geo: Krakow
Goal: to get targeted casting requests 
Target Audience: 
Parents of children 3 to 17 years old
Teens ages 13 and up who are interested in this field 
Traffic source: Facebook and Instagram

Work on the project

The agency has already developed a scheme of work with those wishing to get to the course. It was concluded in the child's enrollment in a casting, after which the parent is contacted by the manager - notified of the results and offers to pay for the course. Therefore, our goal was to get applications to participate in the casting.

To find potential clients for the school, we decided to run targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook. These social networks are the most concentrated target client audience - women 28-45 years old, with children. In addition, we worked with an audience of teenagers from 13 years old. 

We came up with as many formats of offers and approaches to the audience as possible, so we could mix and match them and adjust the results. The creatives emphasized "take a chance" and that any candidate could get a free test shoot. Also, this ad campaign didn't lead straight to the recording, but offered a quiz to get started.

We developed advertising creatives and texts tailored to the client's target audiences. It was important for us to show parents what their child would be like after completing the course at the modeling school - relaxed, confident and happy. 

For teenagers we focused on demonstrating the benefits of working in the modeling niche.  Participation in shows and shoots already at the very stages of training with further career growth. He would appear on the catwalk and take part in photo shoots, combining it with his studies. 

The quiz consisted of several questions that helped understand the level and goals of the candidates. In turn, the candidates received an assessment, recommendations, and a detailed offer from the modeling school. Also, passing the quiz shows an informed choice and a desire to benefit, which removes the % of junk applications.

What questions were asked in the quiz: 

1.How old is your child?
2.What goals do you have for your child?
Aesthetic development
Development of self-presentation and communication skills 
Invitation to projects
Other (can write in)
3.Does your child have experience in modeling?
4.Does your child have experience in acting?
5.Does your child have experience in photo shoots? 
6.What type of training are you considering?
whole year
several months on an intensive

Then, depending on experience and goals, the user could get three answers that motivated them to come to the casting. We developed new creatives and approach to the audience, every week, for a month. At the end of the RC we provided the client with a report with further recommendations.

Result of work

The results of these targeting campaigns we got the following: 

Spent: $2,509 
Received leads: 207 
Average price per lead: $12

After successful casting, we received 10 sales of basic courses. The total income from the sale - 6000. ROMI of promotion was 139%.  

The sales department continued working with the remaining leads.


In order to get a good result and based on the results of the work done the client was satisfied with the promotion results. 

With each client we work on an individual promotion strategy. Given the specifics of the niche and its audience, we suggested the client to use video creations with children of different ages in the future. I also advise to test the conversion campaigns TikTok and Youtube, but the creatives should be as native as possible. 

If you use these 3 tools at the same time - you can easily achieve more audience reach at a lower cost. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you in any turnkey project: from analysis and collection of data about the niche, to design, copywriting and running advertising campaigns. Leave a request and our specialist will consult you in detail.

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