Case SMM

Promotion of psychologist services through messenger marketing

About the client 

A psychologist from Budapest approached our company (the project is under NDA, so we do not give her name). She has been practicing for over 10 years, but had not previously promoted her services online. Her specialty is professional and personal growth for women, so called help in finding herself, overcoming career fears, and getting out of resource burnout. 

We had to attract clients for a month consisting of four consultations, the cost of $100. 

The goal: .

Period: a month 
Niche: psychology for women 
Interests of the target audience: small business, income, passive income, quality of life, motivation, promotion on Instagram, entrepreneurship, personal growth and others. 
Geo: Budapest, Hungary 
Goal: attract 20 people for a month's follow-up 
Traffic source: messengers 
Budget: $300

Project work.
The client already had a social media site to work with, but didn't have a website. Therefore, we decided to use a chatbot as the quickest and easiest source of traffic. The funnel built in the messenger can fully replace a Landing page. After all, you can build a script in the chat-bot that will close the needs and return the user through useful materials.

We built a lead-magnet funnel to promote the project. 
To implement its funnel logic, we needed the following elements: 

A person sees a banner ad on Facebook or Instagram that calls for free useful material. He goes to a chat bot, gets it, and takes a quiz to segment it. The goal of the quiz was to identify segments on major issues: burnout, finding yourself, overcoming fears and more.

A video with warm-up and helpful content from a psychologist.
The next day, the user receives useful content for a certain segment. Content has an engaging and warming function.

Job Reviews.
Next, the user receives several testimonials about the client's work to build credibility. They were based on short interviews with clients who were able to achieve the desired result.

Only after the user trusts us enough do we offer them a tripwire (an intermediate low-cost product/service) - an express consultation for 45 minutes for $20.

Push for a tripwire.
If the user does not agree to pay for the tripwire, we send a chain of booster messages with useful content and a call to action.

From there, the client, after the express consultation, was already selling the support on his own.

  • Setting up the advertising campaign
  • We completed several steps to effectively set up and run an advertising campaign.
  • We implemented chat-bot on SmartSender platform.
  • We selected the strategy of promotion.
  • Selection of playsets and targets.
  • Created new audiences and selected interests.
  • Made design and copywriting for ad creatives.
  • Created utm tags for ads to track performance in analytics.
  • Launched a test advertising campaign to test hypotheses and audience effectiveness.
  • Disabled ineffective audiences and ads.
  • Provided an interim report on the test campaign.
  • Scaled up the RC and adjusted rates.
  • We gave a report with conclusions and recommendations for the main campaign.


We worked on the project from 08.27.2020 till 08.29.2020. For this time we have received the following results: 

Used budget: $285. 
Total amount of bot hits: 492 
Price: $0.5
Paid express consultations: 74 people 
Paid monthly follow-up: 23 people 

The customer ended up getting even more than she bargained for. We were able to attract quality leads and get even more clients than we originally thought. 


Messenger marketing is one of the newest and most effective sources of attracting leads. Thanks to the funnel thought-out at all stages, we are able to attract the audience, "warm up" it and accompany it to the purchase. At the same time we increase the credibility of the company and close the objections. This integrated work has helped us to achieve the results this client needs. 

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