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Developing a chatbot for an online public speaking marathon

About the client

Our company was approached by a coach who conducts paid online public speaking marathons in the Spanish market. We signed an NDA with the client, so we will omit the name of the company.

Previously, the marathon was held in a closed Instagram account, which is inconvenient for complex work with a large audience of participants. After all, the marathon includes the collection of contacts, segmentation of the audience, the information part, homework, reminders and the sale of the main course. Thus, already with the implementation of the funnel according to this formula, we get a lot of routine: manual sending of homework, checking, reminders, and so on.

The client also wanted to run a marathon promotion. For paid products, it is worth considering the user's willingness to buy. So we suggested implementing a chatbot not only at the marathon stage, but also at the lead generation stage. This is necessary to collect the base, which in the future can be warmed up with useful material and pressed to buy the course and other products.


Client: a public speaking coach
The product: a paid online marathons for $35 + sale of the main course
Geo: Spain
Objective: to create a marathon funnel
Traffic source: Facebook

Work on the project

Before starting the funnel work, a marketing foundation was negotiated, which gives enough information to make a future strategy. Since the marathon is paid, the chatbot must cover all of the user's objections and concerns. That is, warm him up to making a purchase.

Advertising on Facebook for an invitation to participate in a marathon, as well as getting the lead magnet - checklist  "Confidently presenting yourself: where to start". The ads were tested for two inputs:

Option1: Getting into a chatbot where a lead magnet is given and more details about the marathon with an offer to participate. An online banking link is given to pay, then transferred back to the chatbot. The link to the funnel is used after successful payment.
 Option 2: Getting to the marathon landing page with the offer to participate. After the payment, the user would get into the chatbot.

Next, the chatbot launches a chain of thank you messages and reminders about the rules and conditions of the marathon
A chain of messages with warming and helpful content
A chain of reminder messages in the morning + 1 hour before the start of the marathon.

Marathon message chain for 10 days:
1. automation of on-air reminders.
2. automation of sending out homework + where to attach it.
3. Increment on the course in the last three days - for the participants marathon favorable purchase price.

If the user has not bought the course, he will start getting messages with heating and sales of other products for another 5 days.

What results we got

As a result of the launch and operation of this funnel, we got these results:

Implemented a funnel with warm-up, marathon and main product sales.
When running targeted ads we got 45 marathon sales for $35, more details about the launch can be found in this case study +11 course sales for $120.
The return on advertising investment (ROAS) was 160%.
In addition to the main product, sales of our client's mini-course and consulting were launched.


Our hypothesis was confirmed - the funnel through messengers really worked better at the test launch than the classic funnel. But in addition to creating a quality chatbot, in order for this tool to work - the target audience must first get into it. To do this, you need to create ads that will interest the person enough to click on the "Learn More" button. And did not leave the bot immediately if the message in the ad and the text in the bot do not match. In addition, warming up in the chat-bot allows you to press people to buy a course.

Our experts will be happy to help you in the targeting advertising turnkey. Please leave your request and our specialist will advise you in detail.