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TikTok advertising for programming school - offline training

About the client

More and more often, TikTok is interested in businesses in terms of a tool for attracting paid traffic. After all, this network is developing quite dynamically, and the advertising algorithm makes it possible to get real results. In this case study we will tell you about our experience of launching advertising in TikTok.

Our client is an offline programming school, which specializes in teaching children and teenagers. This client has signed an NDA with us, so we will omit the name of the school. The project is interesting in terms of product and audience to interact with. The school offers a wide range of courses for different ages in programming, game creation and design.

But even such a product gets objections, which the sales department constantly faced with - will the classes be interesting and effective? To work off this pain and attract more leads, we planned to launch trial classes, which we started promoting through TikTok.

The challenge

Client: offline programming school
Objective: Registration for a trial lesson
KPI: 800 registrations up to $6
Format of advertisement: Landing page
GEO: Chicago, USA
Target audience: women and men

For the programming school we:

- Developed the client's target audience.
- Created a promotion strategy on the TikTok platform.
- Developed scenarios for advertising creatives.
- Gave feedback and corrections on videos created by the client.
- Selected objectives for advertising campaigns.
- Created audiences and selected interests.
- Created utm tags for the ads.
- Launched a test campaign.
- Based on its results - deactivated ineffective audiences and ads.
- Managed the RC and adjusted bids.
- We gave our client reports on the RC and made conclusions and recommendations.

Stages of work on the project:

Setting up and running the campaign. Audience
Before the launch we set up and placed a TikTok pixel on the school's website. For the purposes of advertising we immediately chose optimization by conversion event. For the conversion rule, we set the user's visit to the thank you page after registering for a trial session.
We added + 30% of the ad budget to the recommended rate to get the campaign up and running, and did not change this rate thereafter.

Advertising creatives

Creative is one of the most important tools for communication. Therefore for the creation of the video we prescribe scenarios and ideas on which the client can make a commercial. The rules of time, attention-grabbing, narrative tone and marketing hooks are taken into account to make the creative maximum convertible. Just a few words can make a difference in conversion % ;)

According to our terms of reference the client made 10 variants of the creative, because it was planned to promote each direction separately. The best response we got from the theme of nostalgia, which shows the difference in childhood of different generations. The main message was aimed to parents who dreamed of learning how to create games as children.

Also a good response was received by videos where children show their work in a graphic editor through trending TikTok video formats.


Here are the results of the test advertising campaign in TikTok:

Advertising budget: $6,004.67
Number of registrations: 1301
Registration price: $4.62

Before launching the advertisement, the client shared the price of registration on Facebook  6-6.50$. The client was satisfied with the launched advertisement, because the price of the application was twice cheaper than when using other sources of traffic.

This result was achieved by monitoring the situation by interest, as well as the effectiveness of the creatives. Thanks to the peculiarities of TikTok's advertising algorithms, it is possible to get a report with a "breakdown" of leads by interest or behaviour. For example, you can see how many conversions came on a particular interest/behaviour. So far, the functionality does not work very well, but it should be a good tool for insights in the future.

Our experts will be happy to help you with turnkey targeting advertising. Leave an application form and our specialist will advise you in detail.

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