Case SMM

Promotion on Linkedin of a construction contractor from Sweden

About the client:

We were approached by a Swedish contractor providing services for large builders. The client does renovations in apartment buildings and builds private homes. The campaign was aimed at Swedish builders and was conducted, respectively, in Swedish.

The average check for the company's services was 40,000 euros.

We needed to run an advertising campaign to find new clients for the company. The business is focused on B2B audience and it was important that the ads were shown immediately to the people who made the decision to work with the contractor. Therefore, we chose the social network Linkedin to promote the client. The client's target audience is concentrated here more than in other social networks - businessmen, people looking for employees and business partners.

The solution

We created a company profile on Linkedin and an employee profile separately.

From experience, 20-40% of the people who see an ad go to the company profile and study it. If they see a person's profile there they can write to him and then they correspond with potential clients from the created profile.

We have launched a mailing list InMail, which allows direct mailing of advertising messages with lead generation forms to Linkedin users.

In the body of the newsletter, we attached an ad presenting our customer's services and the benefits of working with them. The recipient could immediately read the terms of work with the contractor. By clicking on the ad, the user was redirected to a page with a lead generation form which was automatically populated with the customer's personal info (name, email, phone number, etc.) from his LinkedIn profile. In other words, the potential client simply clicked one button and the application with the completed form immediately "flew out" to us.

The banner we used in the ad:

What the client got
We spent $622 to promote the customer's company on Linkedin. As a result, the customer received 16 requests for complex repair works in apartment buildings from the mailing list. Another 6 messages from interested users were received in personal messages of the employee's profile. Of the requests received - 10 went to the contract with payment.

Social network Linkedin is a winning option for promotion when it comes to projects with a target audience in the B2B segment. In this project we have managed to find points of approach to potential customers and demonstrate the benefits of cooperation with our client.

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