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Promotion of apartment repair services with targeted advertising

About the client

Our company was approached by a company that has been on the market for over fifteen years and specializes in the repair of private houses and apartments, mostly in new buildings. We signed an NDA with the client, so we will not disclose the name of the company.

The client wanted to increase the number of requests for apartment repair. And the most important condition was the fact that the requests must come from interested users who have already purchased an apartment in new buildings. 

In order to promote these services to certain segments of users we chose the launch of targeted advertising in social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.


Client: apartment and house renovation company
Product: new apartment repair services  
Geo: Romania 
Goal: to get targeted requests for repair of apartments and houses
Traffic source: Facebook and Instagram 

Work on the project

Initially, our work began with a water data analysis of the client and its both direct and indirect competitors. In the initial phase, after analyzing the market for this niche, we were able to work through our client's target audience. It helped to formulate further strategy of promotion, focusing on a particular customer segment. 

Further, based on the information we gathered, we proposed several options for promotion strategies:
  1. generation of applications
  2. Promotion through lead-magnet
  3. collecting leads through the quest to calculate the cost of repairs 

Strategy #1
To expand the sample of users we tested the launch of lead generation and used several options for more native creatives. There was also the launch of content promotion in retargeting. Aimed to re-engage social media users engaged.

Strategy #2.
The client developed a lead magnet - pdf file with examples of work. The lead magnet presents 3 types of work with price and visualization. This was done in order to retain users who are interested in repairing their apartments and want to know the price policy of the company first of all. 
The main strategy remains unchanged: conversion campaigns with optimization for the target action "Lead".

Strategy #3.
In social networks to filter people who have not fully decided to order the repair of the apartment, and to facilitate the work of the sales department has developed a brief questionnaire on the platform Markviz.
The structure within the main campaign with the quiz was as follows:
  • 1 campaign with budget optimization at the campaign level 
  • 4 groups of ads with different target price per conversion 
  • Lead - passing the quiz and sending contacts.

What the client got

As a result of two months of work on these targeting campaigns, we got the following results: 

Total spent: $5,871.29
Total number of requests: 927
The price of the request: $5,58

At the end of the work done the client was satisfied with the results of the promotion, as they exceeded his expectations.
We can continue to work with the quiz and the conversions. Develop new approaches using native ads. Work more with the brand than with the technical part.

The problems of generating leads can be solved by further testing the form, for example, not to take the phone number, but to get in touch in some other way. But the labor and monetary cost of tests to generate leads does not make sense, because there is a working link to filter the user through the quiz, which gives both an acceptable price and quality.

To evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns, content promotion, we need to develop a framework for counting and attributing referrals / closed deals.
Our cooperation with the client continues, as the client plans to expand the direction of his business.

If you are interested in promoting your services with targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram, then contact 4Limes. Leave a request and our specialist will consult you in detail.

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