Case SMM

TikTok promotion of car pick-up services from the USA

About the client

Our agency was approached by a company transporting cars from abroad, mainly from China and Korea. We have signed an NDA with the company, so we will not disclose the name.

The company is an official representative of China and Korea auctions in the USA. The main purpose of the company is to deliver  a car for a client with money saving,  pick up the perfect car in the best condition according to all the wishes under a given budget.  

For those who do not want to wait for their car to be delivered, we offer a selection of vehicles, which have already been purchased at auctions, delivered to USA with all papers and registrations. 

Before cooperation with us, the customer had not used TikTok as a tool for promoting his services. Having studied the list of services, audiences and competitors, we concluded that video marketing is the most suitable format for promotion in this niche. This kind of advertising would show the variety of vehicles on offer and encourage the user to find out more about the company's services. 

The challenge

Client: importer of cars from Korea and China
Period: one week 
Geo: USA
Target: traffic to lead-forms 
Traffic source: TikTok

Work on the project

Initially, we worked out a number of the company's main services and offers to be used for promotion. The main promotional product was electric cars. After agreement, our team began to write scripts.

The basic rules for writing a script for Tik-Tok involve demonstrating the messages as clearly and comprehensible to the audience as possible, because this platform is loved by its simplicity. You need to anticipate at which part of your video a person might get bored and try to fix it by adding dynamics. Such a video won't put the user off - they're immediately engaged and will continue watching with a greater likelihood of targeted action. 

The main idea was to let the users know that an electric car is no longer unaffordable. It was also important to show in the video their comparative performance with conventional cars. 

After the client received the ready script and recommendations for filming and editing, he filmed all the necessary material. Finally we made some corrections and started the advertising campaign. 

Summary of work

We got the following figures for the whole period of the advertising campaign: 
Expended: $12786,48 
Received leads: 903 
Average price per lead: $14.16
Price per click: $ 0.54 
Click-through rate: 23 679

89.16% of the respondents were men. When it comes to age indicators, the 25-34-year-old segment has the highest CR - 45.5%, which is a very good indicator. The female segment accounts for 1/5 of the total audience, which is enough to create a separate advertising campaign aimed specifically at them.


Overall, the client was satisfied with the work done, as at the stage of buying traffic - the performance was quite good. The cost and quality of lead-forms was much higher than on facebook, as was the conversion from lead to transaction.

By actively submitting of  new videos, as well as by correctly configuring the advertising, taking into account the specifics of the niche and audience in TikTok, you can significantly improve the already good performance of the first campaign. 

If you want to learn more about lead generation in TikTok, leave your application on the website and 4Limes specialists will give you a free consultation!

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