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Promoting products on TikTok. Launching advertising for a merchandise business

About the customer

Our company was approached by the owner of an online shop with a conceptual Bluetooth speaker.

The client was previously driving traffic from Facebook, but in order to scale up and find a new audience, he decided to try a new source of traffic. The cooperation is under NDA, so we will not mention the name of the shop.

Having studied the target audience and competitors, we came to the conclusion that it was necessary to launch video marketing. Such format of advertising will help to show the variety of assortment of our client and raise the necessary emotions of consumers, because the product is non-standard and has to find its buyer.

At the moment there are two platforms that can be promising for lead generation in this format - YouTube and TikTok. Taking into account the specifics of the range and the portrait of the target audience, we settled on promotion in TikTok.

We would like to dismiss the objection to the topic of "TikTok for children" right away. According to data from Mediascope - more than 25.6% of the site's audience is in the 25-34 age segment, 19.1% is 35-44 years old. Given the age of the audience, TikTok definitely has paying adult customers for most businesses at this point.

The challenge

Customer: online shop for Bluetooth speakers
Target: Application on the website
KPI: 1500 applications to $6
Advertising format: on the Landing page
GEO: Germany 

We needed to:

- To work out a portrait of the client's target audience.
- To work out a promotion strategy for the TikTok platform.
- Develop scenarios for advertising creatives.
- Select the objectives of advertising campaigns.
- Create audiences for campaigns.
- Create utm tags for your ads.
- Launch a test campaign.
- At the end of it, disable ineffective audiences and ads.
- Manage the RC and adjust bids.
- Provide reports on the RC to the client, draw conclusions and give recommendations.

Stages of work on the project

The process of setting up and running the campaign. Audiences
The TikTok advertising cabinet is very dynamic. New settings appear every week, so a different strategy is developed for each project. This helps to take all factors into account when we start a promotion.

The advertising targets were immediately optimised for the conversion event. Before launching, we put a TikTok pixel on the site. For the conversion rule, we set the user's visit to the "Thank you" page.

Advertising creatives
According to our terms of reference, the client created 5 varieties of video creatives that were in line with the strategy described. It was based on showcasing the product through emotion, which was beaten into several TikTok trends.

The best response from the audience was in the videos where there was emotion in the contrasts. Using the 'past tense' trend - different timelines were used to show how and what music was listened to in the 70s and 80s. Users were involved with timeless hits, interesting images and player options (tape recorders, first players and so on).

The second place was effectively taken by the "hard to stop" trend, which vividly displayed most of the models that are hard to resist. In third place in terms of popularity, there were several videos about TOP gifts, technology and things of category “musthave”  for parties and more.

The results 

Here are the results we got from the test advertising campaign on TikTok:

Advertising budget: $12,586.86
Number of registrations: 2119
Ask price on site: $5.94 
Conversion to sales: 30%

The main advertising campaigns gave good results. A total of 2119 applications on the website (filled baskets) were received. Taking into account "trash" requests - conversion to sales on the website was 30%.

The client was satisfied with the results of the test campaign, as the traffic showed its return on investment. We suggested continuing to run ads in TikTok for this project. The next stage of advertising scaling, which we have planned to reach is the volume of 4000 or more applications per month.

Our experts will be happy to help you with your turnkey targeting advertising. Leave an application and our specialist will advise you in detail.

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