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Promotion in Facebook food delivery: +1600 orders during the New Year period

About the client 

We have been working with a food delivery company for a long time and would like to share the results. From the list of services the client chose setting up paid advertising on Facebook.We signed an NDA with the client, so we will not disclose the names of the channels.

The traffic was for two purposes: ordering on the site and installing a delivery app. But the ads were set up mainly for users who were already at some stage of the funnel. To bring in new users, we changed the advertising strategy in December 2021, which would provide new customers and deliveries with orders for the New Year period. 


Client: online restaurant
Service: preparation and delivery of meal
GEO: Munich
Goal: more than 1 000 new orders for the holidays
Traffic: on the Landing page and in the application - conversion order
Price of conversion: up to $20 per order
Term of operation: 1 month
Target audience: men and women, 25-35 years old. 


To begin with, we optimized the communication strategy in the end of November.
 Before that advertising covered only users who were in some stages of funnel and there was no inflow of new users. After the update, advertising began to cover all stages of the funnel from introductions to sales. 

We got busy getting ready to run ads.
1. Developed several variants of a unique selling proposition for advertising, which was intended for promotion before the New Year holidays.
2. updated the creatives which were used in the old advertising strategies.
3. Created several creatives for each stage of the funnel so that we could test their effect.

It is worth noting that most of our customer's competitors used discounts or gifts as their main advertising offerings. We decided to go with a different scenario. Instead of promotional codes, we offered potential customers to try a special New Year's menu. 

This case proves that it is not always necessary to reduce the price in order to increase sales, even in highly competitive areas. 


After updating the strategy, advertising began to cover more stages of the funnel: from the first introduction to the company to sales. 

As a result, we got the following results from Dec. 1 to Dec. 31:

Budget used: $4,699.38 
Conversions: 1609
Average value of conversions: $14.98


It is not always necessary to deliberately lower the price so that users come to you. As it is possible to highlight with a new offer, remind through creative about the need to buy and provide relevant strategies to promote food delivery.

Our experts will be happy to help you with turnkey targeting advertising. Leave a request and our expert will advise you in detail.

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