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Promoting a webinar on TikTok for photographers

About the client

One of the main fashion photographers from CIS, who has been engaged in commercial and creative photography for over more than years, has contacted our agency. He is well known in the professional community for his work with global publications such as Vogue Japan, Vogue Mexico, Vogue Thailand, Vogue Russia, Harpers Bazaar Russia, British Vogue, GQ Russia, SNC. We signed an NDA with the client, so we will not disclose the names. 

Every year, TikTok generates more and more interest among representatives of training projects regarding the promotion of their webinars on this platform. All this is due to such a dynamic development of the network and its advertising algorithm, through which it is possible to get real results from the promotion.  

After studying the target audience, competitors and the webinar from our client, we concluded that the promotion through video marketing in TikTok - the most suitable option. The site is primarily geared towards creative users, so webinar ads for photographers won't get past the TikTok audience. 

It is the ad formats in TikTok that have become the ideal solution due to their dynamism and ease of perception on the part of the audience. Such ads help to show all the benefits of our client's webinar and evoke inside the consumers’ world the necessary emotions, and later - the desire to learn.

So, we will tell you about our experience of running ads in TikTok.


Client: professional fashion photographer 
Period: one week (test campaign)
GEO: Spain 
Target: Webinar registration 
Traffic source: TikTok

Work on the project

Initially, we studied the webinar by  itself in details, highlighting the main features and benefits that were mentioned when scripting for creatives. Creative is one of the most important communication tools. That's why we write scripts and ideas for video production that the client can use to make a video. 

The basic rule for writing a script for Tik-Tok is to show the message as clearly and comprehensible as possible to the audience, which visits this site for simplicity. Such a video won't scare off the user - he gets involved right away and keeps watching, gradually approaching the target action.

According to our terms of reference, the client shot several versions of the creative. The main idea was to make the user understand that it does not matter what you shoot on and how much time you spend on retouching and processing photos - webinar will give all necessary knowledge and tips to make professional both commercial and creative shots even in elementary conditions.  

After the client received the ready-made script and recommendations for the shooting and editing, he shot all the necessary materials. In the end we made a few amendments and started the advertising campaign. 

The TikTok advertising cabinet is very dynamic. New settings appear every week, so a different strategy is developed for each project. This helps to take into account all factors when starting a promotion.

The primary purpose of the advertising campaign is to register for a webinar.

Results of work

For the entire period of the advertising campaign we have the following indicators: 

Number of conversions (registrations): 988 
Price per conversion: $1.74
Total spend: $1719.12
Number of clicks: 5 056

There are also metrics by network and devices from which more targeted actions were taken: 
There were more IOS users in this ad campaign. Because at the launch of the advertising campaign we gradually narrowed down the target audience, in search of a more creative and solvent segment. 


Our expectations were fully met. The client was satisfied with the results of the advertising campaign, as the traffic showed its return on investment. Therefore, in the future the client aimed to promote the mini-course using the same tactics. 

Through the active submission of new videos, as well as the correct setting of advertising, taking into account the specifics of the niche and audience in TikTok can significantly improve the already good performance of the first campaign. 

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