Case SMM

Promotion on Linkedin of web development company

About the client
A company which deals with web development of applications for medical companies turned to our agency for help in finding new clients. There is an NDA contract with the company.

Geographically the client is located in the Czech Republic, but works in the European market with an average bill for the services of 7000 euros. The main countries are Germany, Israel and Scandinavian countries.

The task
Before contacting us, the company's employees had already tried to run an advertising campaign in Facebook by themselves, but did not achieve the expected results.

Having spent $1000 of the advertising budget, they received only 8 applications, and no one became a client within a month.

At the same time, our customer's business model allowed them to spend up to $500 per new customer. The company may take on 4-5 new projects per month, so they approached us with a request to bring in at least 10-12 new clients.

To implement the task we suggested using the social network Linkedin. Here, in addition to the basic advertising criteria (demographics and geography) you can search for an audience by industry, company size, position of a person who may potentially be interested in the service.

For our customer we determined the optimal size of the potential audience on Linkedin
- 650,000 people according.

We decided to test for this client's advertising campaign 2 goals:

Conversions on the site.
The conversion in this case was to submit an application on the client's website. To do this, we ran ads in the user feed with optimization for conversions.

Lead Generation
For this purpose we used not a feed ad but sending sponsored messages (inMail) to inboxes of potential customers. The essence of this method is that the user receives an inbox on Linkedin with a specific offer. Such a mailing is done on behalf of the head of the company. Also in this announcement there is a button with the transition to the lead form.

What did the client get?
From the conversions on the website, our client received 27 leads of $40.19, 5 of which later became his customers with an average check of >7000 Euro.

Results of the campaign with custom feed ads

From the in-mail messages came 45 leads of $42, of which 6 became our customer's customers with an average order receipt of €5,700.

At the end, thanks to the launch of the Linkedin campaign, the company got new customers and orders for 6 months ahead, and the client was very happy with the results.


Linkedin is a great source of targeted leads if your customer works in a narrow niche and you know well that the audience is present in this social network. For example, in the case of our client, who was clearly targeted to offer their services to representatives of medical companies and could reinforce and amplify the message with great cases from their field.

And in this case both the advertising campaign, launched on the conversion website, and the generation of leads through the inMail newsletter turned out to be successful.

Our specialists will be happy to help you with targeting advertising on a turnkey basis. Leave a request and our specialist will consult you in detail.

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