Case SMM

TikTok advertising for the psychologist. Promotion of expert services through TikTok

About the client 

A female psychologist who specialises in problems with self-realisation, burnout and self-discovery has come to our agency. We signed an NDA with this client, so we will not give any details about the client.

The main task was to launch a new three-day marathon on the topic of replenishing resources. The client used to use paid traffic on Facebook, but registration reached $2.5-3, which is quite high price for a free event. Therefore, one of the main tasks was to decide on a paid traffic channel, in which the results could be obtained at a better price.

The topic of burnout is familiar to many people, psychologists call it the problem of the XXI century. Many young specialists, just starting their career, face burnout after 2-4 years of intensive work. Given the rather young age of the target audience, we proposed the option of promotion through TikTok.


Client: three-day marathon for a psychologist
Objective: launches for 3 marathons
KPI: 850 registrations for the marathon up to $20
Format of advertisement: on Landing page
GEO: Seattle, USA
Target audience: Women 25+

For the client we:

- Developed the client's target audience.
- Created a promotion strategy on the TikTok platform.
- Developed scenarios for advertising creatives.
- Gave feedback and corrections on videos created by the client.
- Selected the objectives of the advertising campaigns.
- Created audiences and selected interest.
- Created utm tags for our ads.
- Launched a test campaign.
- Based on its results - deactivated ineffective audiences and ads.
- Managed the RC and adjusted rates.
- Provided the client with reports on the RC, made conclusions and recommendations.
- Before the launch, we put a TikTok pixel on the website. The advertising targets were immediately optimised for the conversion event. For the conversion rule we set the user to visit the "Thank you" page after registering on the marathon.


Advertising creatives
The traffic you get from TikTok is quite specific. Much more specific than Facebook. Therefore, a user who clicks through to your site from this site is much less likely to immediately make a purchase.

The conversion rate when selling head-on, compared to other social networks, can be several times lower. Therefore it was important for this project to choose the right advertising message.

To start with, our experts analyzed which competitors' content received the most response on the site. After that they presented several variants of the script:
Native - its essence is to disclose useful information and unobtrusively urge to participate in the marathon. By giving a useful tip/fact/technique in the beginning, we warm up the audience, after which the user is more likely to register for the marathon.

Familiar situation - this type of creative shows typical burnout pains and situations in a skit format. The user is involved in what is happening and associates himself with the main character. The story is also followed by a transition to a native invitation.

Trends in advertising - this formula consists of a mix of the latest TikTok trends, which is superimposed on the advertising message.

The result

Here are the results we got from the test advertising campaign in TikTok:

Advertising budget: $15,765.46 
Number of registrations: 3026
The price of the application on the site: $5.21

The client was satisfied with the promotion of the project, as for several runs we received a total of 3026 registrations, with the average cost per registration of $5.21. 

In summary, it should be noted that TikTok is a really promising platform for business promotion in order to increase revenues. Targeted advertising tool on TikTok opens up interesting opportunities for business, especially in the long term.

Our experts will be happy to assist you with turnkey targeting advertising. Leave an application form and our specialist will advise you in detail.

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