Case SMM

Developing a chatbot to promote a webinar for a complex niche

About the client

Our agency was approached by a company that sells video surveillance systems in the Spanish market. We signed an NDA with the client, so we omit the name of the company.

The client has previously promoted only a course, which was designed for a target audience wishing to start working for themselves in distribution and installation of CCTV cameras. The company offers ready-made solutions and special discounts for regular partners, which makes this type of business profitable for the audience. Also, the course deals with the topic of promotion, finding customers and much more.

But selling this type of course is quite difficult, because the target audience is very narrow and they have their objections before buying the course. Therefore, we offered to hold a webinar that would work through these objections and close on the purchase of the course. It was decided to implement through a funnel in a chat-bot where you can warm up and push the base to the target action.


Client: a webinar "new profession"
Geo: Spain (major cities)
Target Audience: men age 24-54 years
Goal: attract people to the paid training + increase brand awareness
Traffic source: Facebook

Work on the project

Before starting the work on the funnel, a marketing foundation was negotiated, which gives enough information to make a future strategy. Since the marathon is paid, the chatbot must cover all of the user's objections and concerns. That is, warm him up to making a purchase.

The stages of the funnel:

  • A person sees an advertising banner with an appeal and an invitation to a webinar and receive a lead magnet.
  • The potential customer goes to the LGT of the webinar.
  • Registers for the webinar (email, phone) and chooses a convenient messenger to complete the registration.
  • Since email marketing is now showing low effectiveness - the main interaction with the client is in the messenger, but the email also receives notifications to use the maximum number of communication channels.
  • The user enters the chatbot funnel and receives the first welcome message.
  • Next comes audience segmentation. The purpose of the survey: to find out what tasks the participant wants us to offer him a relevant offer.
  • The next step is to send messages to the webinar in messenger: in the morning on the day of the webinar; 1 hour before; at the start of the webinar; 10-20 minutes after the start.
  • The morning after the webinar, the user receives a message with a link to repeat the webinar and a push to buy the course.
  • If the user does not close to purchase - further work is done through content marketing.
  • If webinar participants did not close to purchase at the end of the push, the sales team contacted them and handled the push.
  • After the implementation of the funnel began to run traffic - the result of the promotion can learn in this case study.

What results we got

At the end of the launch and work of this funnel, we got the following results:

Implemented the funnel with the warming up and sale of the course  
Started targeting ads and got 320 subscribers to the bot with an average price per subscription of $1.48  
After the webinar, there were 15 course sales for $200 according to the client   
The return on advertising investment (ROAS) was 6,33


Our hypothesis was confirmed - the webinar funnel through messengers really worked better than the direct sale of the course. But in addition to creating a quality chatbot, for this tool to work - the target audience must first get into it. To do this, you need to create ads that are of enough interest that the person clicks on the "Learn More" button. And don't leave the bot right away if the message in the ad and the text in the bot don't match.

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