Case SMM

Promotion of the hotel complex with advertising on social networks Facebook and Instagram

About the client

We were approached by a hotel complex in Montenegro. We signed an NDA with the client, so we won't disclose the name of the company. 

They needed to promote their hotel in order to receive room reservation requests. Requests must be received before the start of the season to ensure maximum occupancy of hotel rooms by a certain deadline. 

In order to promote hotel services, we decided to run targeted advertising on Facebook, as well as Instagram. That being said, one of the main conditions in this assignment for us was not to exceed the price per bid of more than $10.


Client: hotel complex
Period: 2 months
GEO: Montenegro
Purpose: traffic to the website for room reservations in anticipation of the May holiday season 
Traffic source: Facebook and Instagram 

Work on the project

Initially we had to work out the target audience, which helped with the further creation of the promotion strategy. 

It was decided to think through as many unique creatives and texts for each segment as possible, with the goal of changing ads every two weeks to maximize the reach of different audiences.  Subsequently, this yielded the desired result.

In addition to rotating creatives, it was necessary to choose the right targeting and ad campaign settings. For promotion on Facebook and Instagram, we used the following targeting settings: 

Gender: any
Age: 23-41
Interests: vacations by the sea, family vacations, hotels in Montenegro   

After creating unique utm tags for each ad, we went to the launch of the test campaign. In the process of running the campaign, we periodically disabled ineffective audiences and ads, and adjusted rates. 

What did the customer get?

When running this campaign, we experimented with new approaches and ads every two weeks to optimize the campaign. Thanks to these actions, we achieved the following results in 2 months:

Requests on the site: 927
Amount spent: $5,858
Conversion from a bid to a paid booking: 37%
Average number of people from one paid booking: 3


Reputation marketing and PR needs to be done. In addition to running advertising campaigns for hotels, you need to promote your profile on google maps. Be sure to work out the complaints and objections of hotel visitors. Because if visitors complain that the rooms are uncomfortable, the bathroom is small and so on, it affects the cost of conversions.

In the end, the client was satisfied with the results of the targeting in Facebook. We were able to attract people to apply, which subsequently led to booking hotel rooms in advance. We plan to continue our cooperation and promote the next advertising campaigns.

Our specialists will be happy to help you with turnkey targeting advertising. Leave your request and our specialist will advise you in detail.

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